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Being leader of opposition in parliament doesn’t mean NUP, DP’s Kirya tells Lop Senyonyi

Democratic Party (DP) has expressed concern over the leadership of National Unity Platform for their failure to consider other opposition political parties during the drafting of their alternative budget which was launched and presented yesterday at parliament by the leader of Opposition in Parliament Hon. Joel Senyonyi

Speaking to the media today at the party headquarters in Kampala the president of UYD Ismail Kirya noted with concern how their leadership was never invited formally by the Nup’s Leader of opposition Hon. Joel Senyonyi.

“we want to inform the leader of opposition that the opposition isn’t made up of only one political party, it doesn’t mean NUP but opposition in parliament means all political parties which are from the opposition side namely Dp, FDC, UPC, PP, JEEMA among others.” Said UYD president Kiirya

He however revealed that the shadow government’s alternative budget of UGX. 43 Trillion is more authentic compared to the ruling government’s budget of UGX. 58 Trillion which he said saves some part of the tax payer’s money.

“whenever we are coming up with such initiatives that bring together all the opposition parties, we demand that you engage all of us as a whole not just National Unity Platform because we have MPs representing us in parliament who are also from the opposition side whom you need to engage from day one until you finalise the budget together then you launch” Said Kirya

Its from this background that he urged the new leadership to always consult first from the past leadership upon appointment, so that such mistakes can never happen again under their watch while at parliament.

“when it comes to defending that alternative budget that you launched yesterday it’s not only NUP that will do so but the entire opposition. What are we going to speak about it without having any input, what are we going to speak about it when we only saw the launch on social media, what are we going to speak about it when we only know the figure.” Kirya said

He added and said that they aren’t criticising their alternative budget but their only concern is about strengthening unity among the entire opposition.

He further urged the government to always put into consideration the alternative budgets that the opposition drafts because government priorities are different from that of the opposition.


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