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Businessman Arrested for Defiling and Trafficking 13-Year-Old Girl in Kamuli District

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga addressing the press at the police headquarters in Naguru

Kamuli, Uganda – Police in Kamuli district have arrested and charged a prominent businessman and farmer, Jingo Muhammad, 43, for allegedly defiling and trafficking a 13-year-old primary school girl in Mbulamuti sub-county.

Responding to the incident, the police spokesperson Fred Enanga disclosed that the mother of the victim had travelled away from their home in Kamuli to Kampala. “When she returned from Kampala, she found her daughter in possession of UGX. 10,000 which she had not left her with it” Enanga narrated

Upon further interrogation by the mother, the girl eventually revealed how she had repeatedly been having sexual intercouse with the suspect Jingo Muhammad in his house while taking peels for preventing pregnancy.

The victim’s mother reported the incident at Kamuli police station, where the police swiftly responded to the matter which led to the arrest of the suspected defiler and trafficker Jingo Muhammad.

Enanga condemned the act, urging parents to support keeping children below 18 in school rather than ruining their career. “These are acts that we continue to condemn. The 13-year-old girl is a daughter to a 43-year-old, and the way you like your children to be in school should be the same way that you support also other people’s daughters below the age of 18 to be in school,” said Enanga.

The suspect, Jingo Muhammad, is currently in police custody as more investigations continue.

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