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Doctors Demand Halt to Gravity’s Music Video Release Over ‘Misuse’ of Medical Symbols

Uganda Medical Association(UMA) led by their president Dr. Herbert Luswata (Right) addressing the media today

Kampala, Uganda – The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) has urged the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to stop the release of a music video by Gravity Omutujju, aka Gereson Wabuyi, citing the inappropriate use of medical symbols.

According to UMA President Dr. Herbert Luswata, the video features the musician donning a clinical coat and using a stethoscope in some scenes which undermines the professionalism of the medical community and erodes public trust.

“There are pictures of the musicians which are trending on social media that are not looking good at all, where some musician is holding something which is looking like a needle and holding a woman bending down in a way which is very uncomfortable,” Dr Luswata said.

Dr. Luswata and the medical professionals are now demanding that the entertainment industry stops misusing medical symbols, arguing that it demeans the integrity of the medical profession. “It is as if these people are trying to portray that this is what we do to people’s women when they come to our examination rooms,” Luswata said.

The UMA will write to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) requesting the song’s ban on moral grounds. This is the latest feud between Gravity and authority figures, with his music previously criticized for its lyrical content and removed from video streaming platforms.

The controversy has sparked a social media debate, with some supporting the UMA and others defending Gravity’s artistic expression. The public awaits the UCC’s response, wondering if the music video will be banned or allowed to continue circulating.








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