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FDC’s Digital Membership Registration Campaign Draws Crowds in Bugisu

Forum for Democratic Change's Secretary General Hon. Nandala Mafabi, addressing a rally in Mbale yesterday

Mbale, Uganda –The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party successfully launched its digital membership registration exercise in the Bugisu Sub-region yesterday, following another successful launch in Teso Sub-region last week.

The event, held at Mbale Cricket ground, drew a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters who came to hear party leaders’ plans and strategies for the upcoming 2026 General Election.

Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the party’s Secretary General, addressed the crowd, welcoming the fight against corruption in public institutions but criticizing its selectivity, citing the Karamoja iron sheets saga.

Nandala also assured the crowd that he would contest for presidency in 2026, saying, “I am capable of running this country, we need change, and I am the right person to take on this country from President Museveni.”

“The online member registration by FDC is the first of its kind in the political spectrum of Uganda, and there is a need to popularize it,” said Masa Musa, the organizing committee chairperson for the Bugisu event.

Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat thanked the people of Bugisu for their massive turnout, saying, “You have shamed those who thought FDC has no supporters and members. It has gone on record that FDC is still strong.”

Amuriat also  called on members of the general public to join the ongoing party membership digital registration, which is a preparation of the upcoming general elections.



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