Wednesday, July 3, 2024
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Former RCC Burora Remanded to Luzira Over Hate Speech & Malicious Information

Former Rubaga RCC arraigned before the Buganda road court today [courtesy photo]

Kampala, Uganda – Herbert Anderson Burora, the former Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) of Rubaga Division, has been remanded to Luzira prison on charges of spreading malicious information and hate speech against the Speaker of Parliament, R.t Hon. Anita Among.

Burora who was arraigned today before the Buganda road chief magistrate Ronald Kayiizi, was read two charges i.e hate speech and malicious information contrary to the computer miss use Act, denied all the charges against him.

“I pray that you find this charge sheet defective and the accused person set free from custody,” said David Kamukama, Burora’s lead defense attorney.

However, Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayiizi ruled that Burora be remanded until July 9, pending a resolution on the legality of the charge sheet.

According to the prosecution, Burora used social media to “ridicule, degrade, or demean” the Speaker of Parliament between March and June 2024.

“We shall prove that the accused person shared information likely to promote hostility against the Speaker of Parliament,” said Richard Birivubuka, the chief state attorney.

According to Burora’s defense team, the charge sheet lacks specific details and evidence of the alleged offense committed by their client.

“The particulars of the charge sheet must contain facts of the offenses to which the accused is charged with,” Kamukama argued.

The case has sparked debate about freedom of speech and the limits of political expression in Uganda.

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