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Heroes Day: UPC Calls for Citizen-Centric Approach to Achieve Secure Uganda

Sharon Oyat Arach - Spokesperson of Uganda people's Congress (UPC)

Kampala, Uganda – As Uganda prepares to commemorate Heroes Day on Sunday, June 9th, the opposition Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has expressed contrasting views on the theme of the day, noting that the country still has a long way to go to achieve a secure and prosperous future for its citizens.

Heroes day will be marked in Gomba district on Sunday under the theme “hail our heroes.”

Speaking at their weekly press briefing at the party headquarters in Kampala, the spokesperson of Uganda People’s Congress Sharon Oyat Arach disclosed that a secure Uganda cannot be a reality when the citizens are limping in poverty and the various government initiatives like Emyooga, Operation Wealth Creation among others have failed. “The Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) for the youths is a total mess. It is our hope that the ongoing Parish Development Model (PDM) will achieve its intended purpose.” She said

As the country struggles with industrial unrest, declining social services, and economic woes, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has called on government to prioritize the needs of its citizens. “As a country, we need to refocus and place the interests of the citizens of Uganda at heart. We need to facilitate effective establishment of more schools and hospitals, as well as ensure equal access to opportunities. That is when a secure Uganda can be a reality, as opposed to what is at hand today.” She outlined

She further expressed concerns inregads to the challenges facing farmers in the Luwero triangle, a region once touted as a rich agricultural belt, calling for more government efforts to ease movement of people and their goods. “The farmers in this region are struggling to market their produce and access affordable loans to facilitate their businesses,” she said.

Arach also outlined that the promised agro-processing industries are still lagging behind, with the poor road network becoming a major obstacle, adding that the roads which are being rehabilitated are substandard making it difficult for the farmers to transport their goods. “The government needs to do more to support our farmers and improve the infrastructure in this region,” Oyat Arach emphasized. “We need to prioritize agricultural development and provide affordable loans, markets, and good roads to enable our farmers to thrive. This is the only way we can unlock the potential of the Luwero triangle and improve the lives of our people.” She stated

“We urge the government to take immediate action to address these challenges and fulfill its promises to the people of Uganda.” She further stated

Every June 9, government marks Heroes’ Day in commemoration of the first NRM/A heroes to be executed at Kikandwa, Luweero by the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) in 1981, a few months after the NRA rebel leader, Yoweri Museveni launched a war against Milton Obote’s government.


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