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Internal Affairs warns institutions that dorge work permit fee through forging registration of their foreign lecturers & teachers

Story by Derek kanalo

The ministry of internal affairs has warned all Universities and Secondary schools that are inappropriately recruiting their foreign lecturers and teachers as students with an intent of dorging government taxes inform of work permits, urging them to desist from the act or else may end up being blacklisted.

Speaking today at the weekly joint security presser at the police headquarters in Naguru, the spokesperson of the ministry Simon Peter Mundeyi disclosed that the incidents have mostly been taking place in the Kampala based institutions, Wakiso and Mbarara districts.

“we have received information that there are some schools which are conniving with foreigners that aren’t students and are registering them as students to get student passes” said the spokesperson of the interior ministry

Mundeyi also disclosed that the act is not only fraudulent in nature, but also does deny the government of Uganda taxes from these foreigners.

He further noted that as ministry they’ve also noticed that some school officials are moving around calling for foreign students to come and apply for their services yet the institutions or schools are not authorised or registered by the ministry to enrol these foreign national students.

“We are working ofcourse with our sister agencies both in security and education to investigate these institutions that we’ve listed where we shall black list them and even arrest some of these people engaged in this fraud.” Mundeyi stated

It’s from the above context that he urged schools registering their lecturers as students to take hide of the ministry’s warning so that they do not fall victim.




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