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Keddi foundation grants business capital injection of Ugx. 3.8 million to single mother, relocates & pays her annual rent

CEO of Keddi foundation Hon. Dr Keddi Steven shakes hand with the devastated single mother Angela Musiime, during a photo moment

By Derek kanalo

Keddi foundation a humanitarian organisation came to the rescue of a devastated Angela Musiime, a single mother of 9 from Nakiwogo village in Entebbe, whose entire house floor had been submerged by water following a heavy downfall that struck the area.

One of the area leaders disclosed to the foundation how Angela’s husband fled the home, leaving her alone with the children, after failing to repay back the loan he had attained from one of the Banks.

Speaking at the memorable event, the CEO of Keddi foundation Hon Dr. Keddi Steven Zuluba, revealed that their team was alerted about Angela’s situation following news that made rounds on some media houses that included NTV, CGTN and UBC.

Musiime’s house fully flooded with water as keddi foundation carries out their inspection.

“We got concerned as keddi foundation because we are here to serve humanity, we contacted the authorities who allowed us to come here and join hands to help the struggling single mother.” Said keddi

Keddi also lauded the various stakeholders who joined them in their initiative for example the Uganda red cross, political players in Entebbe, the government including the different media houses that publicised the situation of the single mother.

The C.E.O of keddi foundation Hon. Dr Keddi Steven Zuluba, relocated Angela and her 9 children into a new self-contained rental within Entebbe town council whose monthly rent amounts to Ugx. 300,000, where the foundation fully cleared it’s annual rent.

In addition, Keddi foundation went as far as buying some of the essential items like mattresses, mosquito nets, bedsheets among others to help the single mother of 9 rebuild her happiness again with children.

The foundation further extended a donation of cash amounting to USD. 1000 approximately Ugx. 3million to the mother as part of capital to kickstart her small business, from which she could help feed and educate her children in the future.

“we promise our mother as keddi foundation that we shall continue supporting her at all times. we have granted her capital of USD. 1000 which is about ugx. 3.8M so that she could be able to start up her own business.” Keddi said

According to Hon. Dr Keddi Steven, Angela had notified him how she had plans of opening up a business of worth Ugx. 400,000, implying that a capital injection of Ugx. 3.8 Million from the foundation would rather boost her business idea more.

Meanwhile, the joyous mother of 9 Angela Musiime thanked the CEO Hon. Keddi Steven Zuluba for the support rendered to her in such a trying moment.

“thank you so much for your financial support in this sorry state that I’ve been living in. May the good Lord continue blessing you please.” Said the woman.

Keddi foundation was founded in 2019, By Hon. Dr.  Keddi Steven, a Ugandan businessman and minister of God who lays down his life to transform Uganda and Africa from pressing life issues.

Since it’s formation, the foundation has continued to extend financial support to affected communities across the country especially during periods of disasters, where they’ve roofed school buildings, donated scholarstic materials to pupils like books,pens,shoes among others.

Interms of health, the foundation has donated ambulances to various communities, including financing of very expensive medical surgery to the less privileged families e.g heart surgery.






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