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Museveni Celebrated at a Thanksgiving Function, Pledges to Defeat Corruption

H.E the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni addressing his supporters in Kololo today

Kampala, Uganda – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been celebrated at a Thanksgiving function at Kololo Independence Grounds, attended by thousands of supporters including Ministers, political leaders, religious leaders and other dignitaries.

The event, organized by the NRM secretariat led by the director for mobilisation, Rosemary Sseninde, aimed to show appreciation for the President’s leadership and dedication to the country’s development.

In his speech as the guest of honour, President Museveni reiterated his commitment to defeating corruption, which he believes is spearheaded by a few government officials. “We are going to defeat corruption. The current problem of corruption in the country is mainly being spearheaded by the Permanent Secretaries, Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), Town Clerks, and Gombolola Chiefs,” he said.

Musician Dr. Jose Chameleon performing Infront of Museveni’s supporters.

He urged the public to report corrupt officials, citing an example of a corruption case in Kagadi district. “I got a complaint where the people from Kagadi were saying that our children aren’t getting jobs because they lack money to buy jobs. One of them said that they charge UGX. 10 Million per child to bribe the district service committee and I think the CAO to get a job at the district council administration. Why do you let such things happen, why not report so that we arrest them?”

However, the President promised to fall up the matter where disclosed that he will direct the Inspector general of government to make thorough investigation into the alleged corruption scandal of the said officials.

Additionally, President Museveni urged Ugandans to fully utilize their local council leadership in a bid to fight corruption, particularly at the district level. “When we started the LC system, Local council 1,2,3, and 5, we wanted you to defend yourselves against bad leadership by government officials. I would like you to use that system more and report all corrupt officials to the authority,” he said.

The President also highlighted the NRM’s achievements, including security for all, mass immunization, expanded health infrastructure, education for all, and prosperity for all. “Our line from the beginning has always been about working for the masses… I was therefore glad to see today’s appreciation for what the NRM has done. I appeal to those who are not yet involved in wealth creation to join in.”

Furthermore, President Museveni warned opposition leaders who he accused of colluding with foreign powers to disrupt the country’s peace and security. “They go to some embassies of foreign countries and are paid huge sums of money to disrupt operations in Uganda. I want to warn all those who want to disrupt the peace of our country, why would someone want to destroy all that we’ve built instead of embracing them?” he said.

The event was a show of appreciation for President Museveni’s leadership and the NRM’s commitment to the country’s development.


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