Thursday, July 11, 2024
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NUP, Police Meet over Safety Concerns, Agree on New Terms for Consultative Meetings

The Uganda police Force headquarters main building in Naguru where NUP and Police have met.

Kampala, Uganda – In a bid to address safety concerns and prevent further accidents, the National Unity Platform (NUP) leadership met with the Uganda Police Force (UPF) at the police headquarters in Naguru on July 11, 2024.

The meeting, a follow-up to a previous one held on May 27, 2024, reviewed the CCTV footage of a fatal accident that occurred on May 31, 2024, during an NUP procession from Kampala to Masaka. The accident resulted in the death of three people and two serious injuries.

The meeting observed that the accident was caused by reckless driving, overloading, and carrying passengers on vehicle rooftops. The driver of the motor vehicle involved, Lule Fred, was arrested and charged with reckless driving, causing death through reckless driving, and failing to report an accident.

The meeting agreed on several resolutions to ensure safety during NUP processions, including stopping the practice of carrying people on motor vehicle rooftops, overloading, and over speeding. The NUP leadership was also urged to take responsibility for the conduct of their members and to prevail over their behavior.

Full list of the new terms agreed upon between the two parties:-

1. Carrying people on motor vehicle rooftops must immediately stop.

2. Carrying excess passengers in vehicles should also stop.

3. Over speeding is an offense and must stop.

4. Moving in a convoy of many motor vehicles and motorcycles from Kampala to upcountry locations is not allowed.

5. Harassing or provoking security personnel while on their lawful duties must stop.

6. Regulating traffic is the mandate of the traffic police, and all road users should comply with traffic regulations. Persons not mandated to regulate traffic must stop.

7. The NUP leadership was urged to take responsibility and prevail over the conduct of their members; otherwise, they will be held responsible.

The police leadership emphasized their mandate to protect life and property, as enshrined in the Constitution and the Police Act. The meeting concluded with a commitment to continue engaging with NUP leadership and other political parties to ensure public safety.

The police have however urged members of the general public to comply with traffic regulations and avoid reckless behavior that puts lives at risk. “We appeal to the public to observe law and order at all times as a measure towards ensuring the safety of persons and their property.”said ACP Nabakka S. Claire, the deputy police spokesperson

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