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Police Arrests Makerere Student in Foiled Wildlife Trafficking Plot

Fred Enanga the Uganda police force spokesperson addressing journalists [courtesy photo]

In a significant operation, Police in Rwenzori East and Kabatooro Central police, have arrested two individuals suspected of wildlife trafficking, seizing 31 monkeys and 7 Gabon vipers.

According to the police spokesperson Fred Enanga,the suspects, Lubega Fredrick (24) a student at Makerere University and Ankunda Isborne (28) a suspected wildlife trafficker from Ndejje ward in Makindye division, were intercepted at the Kikorongo fisheries checkpoint while transporting the animals in 15 boxes.

The seized species included: 22 black and white Calabash monkeys (15 alive, 7 dead), 9 purely black monkeys (4 alive, 5 dead) and 7 Gabon vipers (3 alive, 4 dead).

He also highlighted that, the wildlife species were destined for the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they are exported to markets in Europe and Asia for monetary purposes.

He further noted, that the wildlife species are also for dietary purposes in the DRC, “that’s what we were told. However, we condemn the illicit movement of wildlife species due to its negative impact on financing organized crime gangs and biodiversity loss.” – Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga

Enanga commended the operation, saying, the arrest will serve as a deterrent and widen public awareness that poaching and illegal trading of species are punishable crimes.” He said

Upon conviction, the offence of unlawful possession of wildlife species in Uganda, carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The seized animals were handed over to Uganda Wildlife Authorities for release into their natural habitat or proper disposal.



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