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Postbank Uganda Shows Appreciation to Muslim Police Officers with Eid Packages

SCP Namutebi Hadijah on behalf of the Inspector General of Police, pauses for a photo with the officials from Post Bank

Kampala, Uganda – Postbank Uganda has demonstrated its commitment to community engagement by delivering special Eid packages to Muslim police officers at the Police Headquarters in Naguru.

The gesture, led by Chief Retail Officer Kato Ibrahim, was warmly received by SCP Namutebi Hadijah on behalf of the Inspector General of Police. “We feel appreciated as police officers for the services we execute in protecting people and their property,” SCP Hadijah said.

She acknowledged Post Bank’s financial empowerment and looked forward to further collaborations to enhance police officers’ welfare through government programs. “We are grateful for Post Bank’s thoughtful gesture, which symbolizes the strong partnership between the police force and the bank,” added CP Kirungi Sulaiman, the Chairperson of the UPF Muslim Fraternity.

“We are delighted to show our appreciation to the police force for their dedicated service,” said Kato Ibrahim, Chief Retail Officer at Postbank Uganda. “This gesture is a testament to our commitment to community engagement and our appreciation for the police force’s hard work and dedication.”

The Eid package delivery demonstrates Post Bank’s commitment to community engagement and appreciation for the police force’s dedicated service. This act of kindness strengthens the bond between Postbank Uganda and the police force, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual support.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with the police force to enhance the welfare of police officers and the community at large,” Kato Ibrahim added.

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