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Sheikh Faris Honored in Mbale, as Dr. Keddi Pledges to sponsor 500 Moslems to mecca in 2025

The CEO of Keddi Foundation Hon. Dr. Keddi Steven was the guest of honour at the event.

Mbale, Uganda – In the vibrant city of Mbale, the Muslim community came together on July 6 to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of Sheikh Salman Faris, the esteemed Imam of Nakaloke Centre Mosque.

The Imam had completed the prestigious Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah and had also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic studies.

The Thanksgiving ceremony was a joyous occasion, attended by Sheikh Salman’s family, dignitaries, and esteemed guests. Hajji Karim Kaliisa, Managing Director of Salam Charity and Salam TV, stressed the importance of unity and solidarity among Muslims for progress and encouraged leaders to set a positive example through their dedication and discipline.

At the memorable event, the Leadership of Salam Charity announced a collaboration with the local Sheikhs to translate the Quran into the local language with an objective of promoting greater understanding and accessibility to the holy book.

Sheikh Salman expressed heartfelt gratitude to his family, friends, and specifically Hon. Dr. Kedi Steven Zuluba, the CEO of Kedi Foundation, who sponsored his pilgrimage for this year.

In his speech as the guest of honour, Dr. Kedi Steven commended the humanitarian work done by Salam TV and Salam Charity and reaffirmed Kedi Foundation’s commitment to serving humanity across Africa without any discrimination.

The esteemed guest of honour Hon. Dr. Keddi addressing Moslems.

At the same juncture, Dr. Kedi generously pledged to support 500 Moslems to Mecca come 2025, entrusting Salam Charity Foundation to identify deserving candidates for this prestigious opportunity.

It’s worth noting that Dr. Keddi Steven recently demonstrated remarkable generosity by sponsoring 100 Muslim pilgrims’ journey to Mecca this year, covering all their travel and accommodation costs for the esteemed occasion.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Miladu Kaluuma, Director of Al Hibbah Hijjah and Umrah Tours, also praised Dr. Kedi Steven’s exceptional humanitarian works he’s done across the country and the globe.

The event highlighted the importance of unity, education, and humanitarian work in the Muslim community, showcasing the dedication of Muslim leaders like Sheikh Salman Faris, who embody the values of hard work, discipline, and service to humanity.

In his closing remarks, Hajj Kaliisa emphasized the need for balance between secular education and Islamic studies to achieve success in this life and the hereafter.

The event concluded with prayers and blessings for Sheikh Salman Faris, his family, and the entire Muslim community. The celebration served as a testament to the power of unity and education in the Muslim community, inspiring others to emulate Sheikh Salman Faris’ achievements and strive for excellence.

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