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Suspect on  Run by Internal Affairs after defrauding Millions from Passport Seekers.

Simon Peter Mundeyi the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda – The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched a manhunt for a one Edward Nsubuga, a prime suspect who defrauded a group of 30 Ugandan citizens of UGX 500,000 each. The victims were promised expedited export passports, but were instead left stranded at the ministry’s offices.

According to Simon Peter Mundeyi, spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the victims were brought and dumped at the ministry by a Costa bus, but upon interrogating them, it was found out that they had never applied for passports. “The girls were found stranded at the ministry, and when we interviewed them, they were referring to a certain gentleman, Edward Nsubuga, who was helping them apply for passports,” Mundeyi said.

Nsubuga allegedly received UGX 500,000 from each victim under the pretext of arranging their passports. However, he did not follow through on his promise, leaving the victims without passports or their money.

Mundeyi warned passport applicants to beware of brokers like Nsubuga, emphasizing that the application process is straightforward and does not require any third-party assistance. “Our online platform is user friendly, accessible, and applicants can fill out a simple form and pay the required fee without needing to pay intermediaries,” he explained.

He encouraged applicants to follow the online steps below while applying for the passports:-

1. Visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ website at (www.passports.go.ug)

2. Fill out the online application form with your bio data and other required information

3. Pay the passport fee of UGX 250,000 (plus UGX 10,000 for diaspora applicants)

4. Submit your application and wait for processing



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