Monday, April 8, 2024
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Police apprehends 3 Suspects linked to murder & aggravated robbery

Courtesy Photo
Deputy Public Relations Officer for Kampala Metropolitan Police ASP Luke Owoyesigyire. Courtesy Photo.

Police in Kampala metropolitan area have arrested 3 suspected murderers linked to the murder of a security guard designated under wolves security group.

According to police, on the evening of March 19th, 2024, the tragic incident unfolded in Kabusu, Rubaga Division where 3 assailants on motorcycles, armed with a rifle, perpetrated a heinous act resulting in the loss of life of Mr. Agama Peter, a security guard affiliated with Wolves Security Group.

Preliminary investigations also indicated that Mr. Agama, a male adult approximately 36 years old, was fatally shot while on duty at Banxele Forex bureau Kabuusu branch and his firearm was forcibly taken.

The Deputy Public Relations Officer for Kampala Metropolitan Police ASP Luke Owoyesigyire has disclosed how the eyewitnesses tipped their security teams of the swift departure of the assailants, leaving Mr. Agama fatally wounded.

He also said, a swift action was then taken by law enforcement and security agencies following the incident hence pursuit of the suspects being ensued which led to their apprehension in the Kawaala zone at Premier Betting.

“We can confirm that Sebuma Hussein, also known as Obote, Dumba David, and Abdullah Jumah, have been taken into custody.” Said Oweyesigyire

He also disclosed that, two firearms were recovered during the operation: UG PSO 56 4000868 12452, along with 13 rounds (presumably the firearm belonging to the deceased), and another firearm, believed to have been used in the commission of the crime, with 10 rounds.

He however, said more investigation into the tragic event is ongoing, and further details will be made available in due course. “The deceased,
Mr. Agama Peter, bore three gunshot wounds, and evidence recovered from the crime scene will be meticulously examined as part of the investigative process.” Luke said

The body of the deceased has been respectfully conveyed to the City Mortuary Mulago for postmortem examination.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Mr. Agama Peter during this difficult time.” He said

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