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Traffic Directorate issues road safety guidelines ahead of school re-opening

ASP Michael Kananura the spokesperson of the Directorate of traffic and road safety in Uganda

The directorate of traffic and road safety has issued road safety tips as schools edge closer for their official re-opening for the second term next week.

Speaking in a statement released to members of the press today, the spokesperson of the traffic directorate SP Michael Kananura disclosed that its essential to prioritize road safety to ensure well-being of students, teachers, parents and other road users. “The Directorate of Traffic & Road Safety thus reminds all road users of the following road safety tips. We call upon all parents, teachers and caretakers of these children to be responsible for their safety as they travel to and from schools.” Said Kananura

According to Kananura, for congestion to be minimised on the roads all motorists must observe the rules on the rules including exercising maximum discipline and patience while on the roads. “Avoid destructions like using phones while driving, walking or crossing the roads. Children below the age of 12 to be accompanied by elders on motorcycles; Motorcycles that carry more than two children are strongly warned.” He stated

He additionally warned that riders & children on motorcycles are required to put on helmets at all times while on motor cycles. “Children to be escorted or accompanied by parents or guardians to guarantee their safety on the road.”he said

He also emphasised that all children should be escorted or accompanied by their parents or guardians to guarantee their safety on the roads which may be prone to them.

He further strongly warned all drivers on carrying excess and interference to safe driving as this contravene with the traffic laws and regulations which could lead to crashes.

Kananura also urged school going children to board taxes and boda-bodas from recognized stages and also to use recognized motor vehicles for taxes with checkered band to avoid conmen. “Do not board tinted vehicle or strange vehicle to avoid kidnaps. Take note of the registration number of the taxi or boda-boda before boarding it.” Kananura said

“Remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s work together to ensure a safe and happy second term, 2024. Our toll free 0800199099.” He added




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