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Traffic Directorate Sensitizes Kigezi Schools on Traffic Road Signs & Safety

SP Michael Kananura the spokesperson of traffic and road safety engages the pupils on different road signs in Kigezi

By: Susan Kobusingye

Kigezi, Uganda – The Traffic Directorate, in collaboration with the Kigezi territorial police, have successfully concluded a three-day sensitization campaign in primary schools across the Kigezi region, educating students on traffic signs and road safety.

The campaign, which targeted schoolchildren, aimed to empower them with the knowledge and skills to navigate roads safely and responsibly.

“The initiative aimed to instill a culture of road safety among schoolchildren, educating them on essential aspects such as road traffic signs, responsible road usage, and their vital role in maintaining road safety.” Said SP Michael Kananura, the spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety.

Kananura added that by sensitizing them on traffic signs, they hope to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities involving pedestrians, especially children.

During the interactive sessions, traffic officers explained various traffic signs, including stop signs, pedestrian crossings, and speed limit signs. The students also learned about the dangers of reckless driving, overloading, and the importance of wearing seatbelts.

“We believe that educating our children on traffic signs and road safety will not only save lives but also promote a culture of road safety in our region,” SP Kananura added.

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