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“Uganda is a Country of Martyrs, Museveni Tells Off Western Powers Over Homosexuality”

NAMUGONGO|Thousands of Christians from across Uganda and beyond flocked to Namugongo on June 3rd to commemorate the annual Martyrs Day, honoring the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for their faith. Led by the Nebbi Catholic Diocese and graced by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the chief guest, the celebrations paid tribute to the 22 Catholic and 23 Anglican converts who were executed between 1885 and 1887 for refusing to renounce their Christian beliefs.”

The converts were executed between 1885 and 1887 on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga II of Buganda.Martyrs Day, has a Series of events that start a month earlier; with most of the Christians footing to the Shrine as a pilgrimage and homage to the Catholic Martyrs and Saints. Among other events is the Novena which begins on 25th May and ends.

In his speech, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the Chief Guest at the event, lambasted Western powers for criticizing Uganda’s stance against the LGBTQ+ community, vehemently defending the country’s actions.

“Uganda is a country of the Martyrs. There are those that are talking talking talking outside there, for example on the issues of the homosexuals. They don’t know that Uganda is a land of Martyrs, if you want to play around don’t play around with Uganda because you won’t like it.” Said Museveni

He also hinted at corruption which has become the order of the day throughout the country, with the foreign powers sanctioning some of the government officials like the speaker of the 11th Parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among and others. “Some of the past speakers have talked about corruption. I totally agree with them, corruption is becoming a problem and when I address the Nation on the 6th I will say more about it.” Said Yoweri Museveni

The President praised religious leaders for promoting unity and embracing the National Resistance Movement’s ideology of togetherness which he noted, that wasn’t the case with the past regimes where the country was divided according to tribes and religions.

“Your leaders formed the inter-religious council and it was formed when the NRM government came into power actually because i don’t think it was there before. Jesus made it clear, love God with all your heart and all your mighty and love your neighbour as you love yourself. Jesus also said if you only love your friends how are you different from the pegans because they do the same. Iam glad you embraced it.” The president narrated

Additionally, he encouraged believers to use their talents to overcome poverty and work towards prosperity, thereby fostering a more prosperous and united community.”

“I don’t think it’s correct to have Christians and other believers living in poverty, i don’t think this is correct. I was very happy with the questions which i think it’s Ndyanabo who quoted Pope Francis’s questions, one of them being are you working hard to get out of poverty.” He said

The president highlighted that poverty remains a significant challenge in many Christian countries, including those in Latin America, where faith is prevalent but economic struggles persist.

“You see them walking on foot, going to the United states to look for prosperity. So I think we should harmonise with the religious leaders, this message of chasing poverty from our homes. I don’t want Uganda to be religious but poor, I started opposing that in the 60s while I was living in Ntungamo, Isingiro, Kiruhura. We had very many religious people there “the Balokoles”. He said

The President further pledged to expedite the construction developments at the Martyrs’ site, ensuring that all remaining work is finished without delay. “Finally to finish Namugongo we are going to finish it. Kamukamu gwe Kyi? Akwata empola okola kyi? Awo ensonga ziwedde awo.” He said

Government declared this day a national public holiday in commemoration of the first Christian Martyrs in the country. The day attracts pilgrims from all corners of the world making it one of the biggest Christian events in the world.

The sacrifice of the new converts created an impetus for many around the country to convert to Christianity, a religion that now accounts for over 80% of the population in Uganda.



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