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Uganda Police Joins Regional Forces in Rwanda for Joint Training Exercise

Officers from the Uganda police force participating in the opening exercise in Kigali - Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda – In a bid to strengthen regional cooperation and enhance operational capabilities, a 45-member team from the Uganda Police Force has joined forces with their East African counterparts in Rwanda for a joint training exercise.

The 13th East African Community (EAC) field training exercise, launched by Rwanda’s Minister of Defence, Hon. Marizamunda Juvenal, brings together security forces from EAC partner states to share experiences, learn from each other, and enhance their skills.

“The importance of collective effort in addressing security threats cannot be overstated,” Minister Marizamunda emphasized. “No single country can achieve this milestone alone. It is essential for countries to come together and address security challenges as a team.”

CP Paul Nkore, Deputy Commander of the Kampala Metropolitan and leader of the Ugandan delegation, echoed the minister’s sentiments. “This exercise is a crucial step towards enhancing our operational capabilities and strengthening regional cooperation. We are committed to learning from each other and sharing our experiences to achieve our common goal of promoting peace and security in the region.”

The exercise, which focuses on promoting sustainable development and security, will see participants engage in various training activities, including counter-terrorism and humanitarian operations.

The 13th East African Community (EAC) Ushirikiano Imara Field Training Exercise brings together participants from four countries: Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

The theme of the exercise is “Strengthening security Sector integration and harnessing Common Interests Consistent with EAC Regional Peace and Stability”.


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