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UPC Calls for Clear Land Use Guidelines Amid Growing Concerns.

UPC's Head of media and communications, Muzeyi Faizo

Kampala, Uganda – The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has issued a dire warning about the country’s land use patterns, urging the government to take immediate action to address the escalating pressure on natural resources.

The UPC’s statement comes amid ongoing efforts by NEMA to reclaim wetlands across the country, which has led to public outcry over selective evictions and property destruction.

Speaking at a press conference at the party’s headquarters, Muzeyi Faizo, Head of Media and Communications, emphasized that the country’s growing youthful population is putting immense pressure on land, water, and other natural resources.

“The government must wake up and smell the coffee. Our land is being degraded, and our people are suffering,” Faizo said. “We need clear guidelines on land use patterns, and we need them now.”

Faizo praised the National Environment Management Authority’s (NEMA) efforts to reclaim wetlands but criticized the government’s handling of the evictions. “We support NEMA’s efforts to protect wetlands, but we cannot ignore the plight of those being evicted. The government must find a balance between conservation and human settlement.”

The UPC called for the government to open up virgin areas for settlement schemes, citing the success of past resettlement schemes. “This approach has worked in the past, and it can work again,” Faizo said.




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