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UPC tasks gov’t to compensate the families of the deceased enumerators

An enumerator carries out census on one of the house holds recently. (Courtesy photo)

UPC tasks gov’t to compensate the families of the deceased enumerators
The leadership of Uganda people’s Congress an opposition political party, have called on government through the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) to compensate the grieved families of the enumerators that recently lost their lives in the ongoing National population Census that begun on 9th May 2024 as the Census reference night and the enumeration exercise which kicked off from 10th May to 19th May.

Atleast 3 enumerators conducting the ongoing National Population Census, that kicked off last Friday have lost their lives while on duty.

Speaking about the tragic incident at their weekly presser at Uganda house, the spokesperson of UPC Sharon Oyat Arach disclosed that it’s unfortunate and sad experience to receive reports that one Enumerator died on duty in the hands of thugs who wanted the census gadget while others suffered bodily harm as well as resistance from some members of the community.

It’s upon the above context that Arach urged the government of Uganda through its responsible body for this exercise, the uganda bureau of statistics to do something to cover up for the loss of the affected families since deceased individuals were on government duty.

“We call upon UBOS to compensate the family that lost their member and those who were harmed in the course of duty according to Workers’ Compensation Act and Employment Act.” Said Sharon
She additionally, tasked the uganda bureau of statistics (UBOS) including other government agencies to always ensure a group insurance policy for such workers to help mitigate such tragic incidents on the innocent Ugandans.

She however, lauded the bureau for its efforts put in so far in revolutionizing the conduct of population and housing census based on IT as we enter the digital age as a country.
She also urged the government of Uganda and other key stakeholders like the big network providers to expand the networks and ensure easy accessibility across the country. “This requires more resources to be invested in the infrastructure development.” She noted

She also noted with concern over the unnecessary delays due to technical aspects like failure of technology and malfunctioning of some of the equipments like tablets which the enumerators were supposed to work with throughout the entire exercise.

She also hinted out at the issues surrounding the payment of the allowances to most of the enumerators by the Uganda bureau of statistics, noting that these are the people who are doing the leg work.

“We should avoid demoralizing workers by all means. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) should address this urgently and ensure that all Enumerators receive their facilitation in time since there is a fully funded budget for the ongoing national activity of census.” Arach stated

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