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Bolivian General Arrested Over Attempted Coup of President Arce

General Juan Jose Zuniga was arrested following the coup attempt of President Arce

Bolivia – Bolivian police have arrested the leader of an attempted coup, hours after the presidential palace in the capital La Paz was stormed by soldiers.

Armoured vehicles and troops had taken up position on Murillo Square where key government buildings are located. They all later withdrew.

The rebel military leader in charge, Gen Juan JosĂ© ZĂșñiga, had said he wanted to “restructure democracy” and that while he respected President Luis Arce for now, there would be a change of government. He is now under arrest.

President Arce condemned the coup attempt, calling on the public to “organise and mobilise… in favour of democracy”.

“We cannot allow once again coup attempts to take Bolivian lives,” he said in a televised message to the country from inside the presidential palace.

His words clearly resonated, with pro-democracy demonstrators taking to the streets in support of the government.

Mr Arce also announced he was appointing new military commanders, confirming reports that Gen ZĂșñiga had been dismissed after openly criticising Bolivia’s former leader, Evo Morales.

Mr Morales also condemned the coup attempt and called for criminal charges to be brought against Gen ZĂșñiga and his “accomplices”.


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