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Gov’t removes renewal charges for National IDs, Raises fees for change in particulars to UGX. 300,000

Citizens will no longer have to pay to renew national identification cards, or to replace lost or damaged ones, the government has said – but it will be extremely costly to change one’s particulars in “certain cases”.

The government has been charging Shs50,000 for renewal of national ID or replacing lost or damaged ones.

It was also charging Shs40,000 for late registration, which fee has also been waived.

However, citizens wishing to change individual particulars on ID will have to part with Shs300,000, up from Shs50,000 previously.

“Change of particulars that has been increased to Shs300,000 because some people have frivolous reasons for altering their information,” said Dr Chris Baryomunsi, the minister for ICT and national guidance.

Marriage or divorce cases that need changing particulars will not attract charges, the Cabinet decision adds.

The changes, Dr Baryomunsi said, will be effective on June 1 during the mass registration and renewal of national identification.

Addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Wednesday, De Baryomunsi said Cabinet had resolved to implement a two-fold strategy of mass registration and renewal of national identification.

The exercise slated for June 1 will see the new integrated electronic IDs encrypted with data and features to serve multiple purposes and enable the state to get information for all citizens.

On the same note, Cabinet passed the early childhood care and education policy which will see government regulate the teaching and learning process and criteria of pre-primary children especially those under the age of six.

“We shall regulate content and syllabus taught to young ones,” Baryomunsi said.

“We are considering regulation for quality early childhood care and education for better educational outcome, children aged between three an five should be in pre-primary and at six years that’s when one should start primary education and there is scientific basis to that.”

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