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CID police probes 2 separate torture videos that went Viral on social media.

SCP Fred Enanga the country's police spokesperson

The directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) have kicked off investigations into 2 torture videos that made rounds on social media platforms involving one female victim and two male adults.

Speaking about the incident at their weekly security briefing in Naguru, the spokesperson of the Uganda police force SP Fred Enanga disclosed that in one of the videos, a vulnerable woman dressed in a blue blouse and black skirt was subjected to torture by forcefully curved in an awkward position, hands and legs tied all tied and her body burnt with hot melting plastic jerrycan.

Enanga added and said, “In a separate video, two male workers are confined in a container, and subjected to physical and mental torture- including physical beatings with a belt, kickings and hitting.”

He however, noted that torture is among the grievous crimes that the police investigates and as a result the CID have already opened an enquiry into the terrible images and disturbing crime hence calling upon the victims to come forward and help their detectives to explore the torture in great detail. “We shall not stop until the alleged perpetrators are identified and brought to justice.” Said Enanga

“The lady’s situation was even more vulnerable, we don’t know whether she survived the amount of torture. If she’s still there we call upon her to come forward and the other two male victims” He added

He further reminded the general public, employers, Boda Boda movements including the associations that they all have an obligation of protecting and having compassion for one another, adding that it’s inhuman to treat a fellow human being in such a horrible manner. “More so, in a decent and moral society like ours. For any information call our operations toll free lines 0800199699.” Said the police spokesperson







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