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UPC rallies citizens to embrace National population census, updates country on their mobilisation campaigns.

Sharon Ayat Arach, the UPC Spokesperson addressing the press at the party offices in Kampala. Courtesy photo

The leadership of Uganda people’s Congress (UPC), have called on the citizens of Uganda to embrace the upcoming National population census, adding that it’s the only way the government can be accountable for their social services.

Addressing media today at their head offices in Kampala, the party spokesperson Arach Oyat Sharon urged the general public to avail the necessary information needed from them by the enumerators who will be paying an official visit to their homes, effectively from this Friday.

“The data collected during census, guides in planning for the nation, policy formulation as well as monitoring Devey across the country.” She said

Inregards to the ongoing party mobilisation campaigns, Arach lauded the members of the cabinet, parliament and other members of the party who managed to travel to Kabale and participate in the consultative meeting and opening of the party’s regional offices for Kigezi.

She additionally thanked the party members of Kigezi subregion for endorsing their party president Hon. Jimmy Akena to run for presidency come 2026. “This is a sign of trust in his leadership, let the mobilisation drive continue across the country.” Arach revealed

Relatedly, she invited all the party leaders, members and well-wishers to their party mobilisation campaign tour in Kitgum, which will be led by the party president Hon. Jimmy Akena on 25th May 2024.

According to Arach, the various mobilisation campaigns have played a pivotal role towards the grass root connectivity and popularizing their central message of rebuilding the party through service delivery, which focuses on the needs of Ugandans.



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