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Enanga Bids Heartfelt Farewell, Thanks Colleagues & Public for Support

Out going Police spokesperson Fred Enanga having his last photo moment with journalists today

Kampala, Uganda – After 5 years of serving as the Police Spokesperson, SCP Fred Enanga has bid farewell to his colleagues, the public, and his family, expressing his heartfelt gratitude for their support and collaboration during his tenure.

In a moving message, Enanga thanked his colleagues for their professionalism and dedication, saying, “We have worked together, accomplished many concerns on crime, safety, and security. We have learnt from each other beginning with the year 2007, as CID Liaison Officer, then in 2014 – 2016, as the Police Spokesperson, and again from 2019 – June 2024.”

He also thanked the public for their insights, criticisms, and feedback, saying, “Your inputs have always been refreshing. Remember, public safety is everyone’s priority, and I urge you all to remain committed to working with the police in addressing all crime and safety concerns within your communities.”

Enanga’s farewell message was filled with appreciation for his family’s unwavering love and support, saying, “Your understanding, patience, and encouragement have been a bedrock of my success, and I am forever grateful for your sacrifice.”

As he concludes his tenure, Enanga encouraged his colleagues to continue serving with honor, courage, and dedication. His farewell message was met with praise and well wishes from his colleagues and the public, who appreciated his dedication and commitment to public safety.

*Quote:* “I am filled with pride and gratitude for the opportunity to have served you all as the Police Spokesperson. I will always cherish the memories, friendship and bonds we have formed.” – SCP Fred Enanga


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