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Uganda-Kenya Border: Travel & Trade Swiftly Resumes After Protests

Kampala, Uganda – The Ugandan Immigration Department, under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has announced that the Ugandan Eastern border has reopened, and travel has resumed between Uganda and Kenya. The border crossing had been affected by recent protests in Kenya over a controversial tax proposal, which was later reversed by President Ruto.

According to the spokesperson of the ministry of internal affairs Simon Peter Mundeyi, the number of travelers entering Uganda from Kenya has increased significantly, while the number of those traveling to Kenya remains relatively low. The reopening of the border is expected to boost trade and economic activities between the two countries.

The protests in Kenya had caused disruptions in border crossing, affecting travelers, traders, and cargo transport. The Ugandan government had earlier advised citizens to exercise caution while traveling to Kenya due to the unrest.

“We are pleased to announce to the general public that all the Eastern borders are now open and we’ve not closed any. They are free to use them at any specific day, Malaba, Busia and other borders are all free for anyone.” He said

“I’ve been reliably informed this morning that both human and vehicular movements have resumed and now people have started travelling without any fear. Last week we had buses on the Ugandan side especially those who wanted to head to Kenya, the passengers were requesting the drivers not to proceed due to the protests in Kenya.” Mundeyi stressed further

He disclosed that there wasn’t spill over of the demonstrations to Uganda hence businesses quickly resuming, adding that with time to come they expect normal flow of passengers and traders heading to and from Kenya. “Some people still have some fears but the numbers are slowly by slowly building up, but soon we shall be at our usual and normal numbers.” He said

The Ugandan government has assured citizens of their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all travelers and traders. The reopening of the border marks a new chapter in the strong bilateral relations between Uganda and Kenya.



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