Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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Four Suspects Arrested for Gang Rape of 17-Year-Old Girl

Aboke, Uganda – Police in North Kyoga Region and Kole CPS have arrested four suspects in connection with the alleged conspiracy and gang rape of a 17-year-old female juvenile and assault of two male friends.

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the incident occurred on June 9, 2024, at around 3 am, in Ocokan cell, Akwirididi Ward in Aboke Town Council.

“The victim left a disco in the company of her two male friends, who were escorting her home. However, they were attacked by a group of men, who assaulted the two boys and chased them, leaving the girl victim behind,” Enanga explained.

Enanga disclosed that the suspects grabbed the victim and took her to the house of their accomplice, Okot, where they gang-raped her. “However, the victim was rescued by police and the LCI Chairperson, who responded swiftly after receiving a complaint from one of the victim’s male friends,” Enanga stated

Police revealed that the suspects, Okello Martin, Kibwota Bernard, Otiang Patrick, and Nam Aron, were arrested red-handed with the victim and are currently in custody.

The victim was rushed to Aboke Hospital for post-rape treatment as efforts to trace for Okot who is the owner of the house and other accomplices continue. “We are treating the matter as a priority and pursuing all leads, including DNA and other scientific tests, against the samples taken from the victim and suspects,” Enanga said.

“We remain committed to pursuing every incident of sexual violence against the girl child and ensuring that perpetrators are punished before the courts of law,” Enanga emphasized.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga noted that the suspects will be charged with conspiracy, gang rape, and assault, among other charges.

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