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Ministry of ICT & National Guidance Hosts ITU Team

Kampala, Uganda – The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance yesterday hosted a team from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) who attended the Global Symposium for Regulators 2024. The team visited Uganda to support digital transformation and explore initiatives under the Digital Transformation Plan.

Dr. Amina Zawedde, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, highlighted that the discussions focused on impactful regulation, inclusive connectivity, affordable devices, cyber security, and data protection.

She however, noted that the visit aimed to assess Uganda’s progress in skilling and digital transformation, with a project planned for December 2024.

She outlined that ITU team expressed satisfaction with Uganda’s effective use of resources and impact on beneficiaries that included government officials, police, and community members.”The visit has been impactful, because much as they are situated in Switzerland, they came and found out that we utilised the resources effectively and efficiently. They’ve also heard from the beneficiaries of this program and some of them are government public servants.” She disclosed

“We have a project with ITU that we intend to implement in December 2024, so we were presenting what we have achieved so far in regards to that project, what we are yet to achieve, and who we intend to partner with on the international telecommunication union.” said Dr. Zawedde.

She also revealed that their partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU),  Uganda National Development Plan (UNDP), including other private sector players aims at supporting the homegrown innovators and fostering digital transformation in Uganda’s economy.

According to Zawedde, all the things that are being discussed are in line with Uganda’s digital transformation plan of Uganda and the officials from the International Telecommunication Union basically come to find out what they are doing as a hub.

The visit demonstrates the strong collaboration between Uganda and ITU in driving digital transformation and promoting sustainable development.




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