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More Than 55,000 Fans Turn-up for Taylor Swift’s Anfield Show

The world's biggest pop-Star Taylor Swift performing at Anfield last night, she still has 2 more shows at Anfield, tonight & tomorrow

ANFIELD|The ability to captivate more than 55,000 fans and make each feel like they are the only person in the room takes some doing, but that is exactly what Taylor Swift seemingly effortlessly manages to achieve.

The world’s biggest pop star blew the crowd away at Anfield on Thursday evening, the first of three dates at Liverpool FC’s stadium.

The show may have been the 100th of her record-breaking Eras tour, but you’d never have known it, such was the sheer sense of energy and excitement.

Swift summed it up perfectly when she told her adoring fans, many of whom had queued for hours in the cold and pouring rain to secure a spot as close to the stage as possible: “You’re giving us a gift!”

Taylor Swift will play two more nights at Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium

The queen of pop’s global fanbase was well represented in Liverpool, with Swifties flying in from as far away as South Africa, Australia, Canada and the United States.

The soggy conditions certainly didn’t dampen their spirits as they held their friendship-bracelet clad arms in the air to welcome their idol.

Everyone lucky enough to be there will forever remember a countdown clock appearing on the stage and the deafening roar as Swift made her grand, smoky entrance for her opening Lover era.

For the next three-and-a-half hours, Swift treated them to nuggets from her glittering18-year career.

Taylor described the Liverpool crowd as ‘loveable’ as she took in their excited screams, dance moves and sparkly themed outfits.

The stadium was packed with Swifties wearing cowboy boots, friendship bracelets and sparkly dresses as they celebrated the different ‘eras’ of Taylor’s music over the years.

The singer performed through a few technical malfunctions towards the end of the show, which saw the main stadium screen switch off

Swift remembers that while dozens of shows lie ahead in this tour, this was unique – to her and, more importantly, her fans.

“This is my very first time getting to play a show in Liverpool and I’m so excited,” she told them.

“What you have already done here is crazy because it’s been raining all day, you have braved the rain, you came here ready, draped yourself in plastic, you’ve been standing here, you’ve been ready for the show…

“I know a lot of you travelled a far distance… those things mean the world to us, going above and beyond and welcoming us to Liverpool, we love you so much.”

Rains couldn’t scare away Taylor Swift’s fans called the “Swifties” they still showed up for the concert in big numbers at Anfield yesterday.

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