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Fire guts pupils School dormitory in Busia


Grief hangs over Kisenyi B Village in Busia Municipality after a catastrophic fire overwhelmed Victory Nursery and Primary School dormitory in Busia, claiming the lives of four pupils in the early hours Monday morning.

The heartbreaking incident unfolded in the dead of night, while the unsuspecting children were asleep, leaving one survivor with minor injuries.

The fire, which ravaged the boys’ dormitory, erupted around midnight while the pupils were asleep, leaving behind a scene of destruction.

The school director Fred Wabwire said only one teacher was present on the premises at the time of the fire, who promptly alerted the authorities about the tragic incident.

Local fire and rescue services, dispatched from the nearby Busia Police Station, fought valiantly to quell the inferno. Despite their valiant efforts, the community was left to grapple with a heartbreaking loss.
The fire claimed lives of four pupils and the preliminary investigations link the tragedy to ongoing disputes in the schools

Police identified the victims as Oburu John Richard, Abdul Ali, Magero James, and Adero Makhoha,

Police authorities have linked the blaze to possible arson, as investigations into the tragic incident unfold.

“We are treating this as a potential case of arson,” remarked Moses Mugwe, Police PRO for Bukedi South.

The dormitory, a roofless structure that accommodates over 62 children from primary one to seven, now lies in ruins, reduced to ashes along with valuable property including books, mattresses, and clothes.

The tragic news has prompted an influx of parents rushing to the school to collect their children, with their hearts heavily hit with grief and concern.

In response to the incident, police have ordered the temporary closure of the school as investigations continue to unfold to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the fire.

Meanwhile, the remains of the four pupils were transferred to Busia Health Centre IV, where they await DNA testing before being released to their bereaved relatives for burial.

The quest for justice and accountability remains paramount, as Busia mourns the loss of four young lives taken too soon in the wake of a devastating school fire.

The school community, alongside the bereaved families, now face the daunting task of rebuilding in the wake of such profound loss.

The incident is an unambiguous reminder to relevant authorities to ensure stringent fire safety protocols in schools for the protection and security of all the children.

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