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The CCCC Group Model for Wetlands, Rivers and Lake Ecological Management


By Nduhukire N


CCCC is committed to becoming a world-class basin management enterprise, aiming to explore and establish a new model of integrated protection and systematic management for mountains, waters, forests, fields, lakes, grasslands, and sands. The company’s mission is to create vivid cases in river, lake, and basin ecological management, contributing to the sustainable development and preservation of natural ecosystems.


CCCC envisions a future where rivers, lakes, and basins are managed holistically, ensuring the balance of ecosystems while supporting economic growth and human well-being. The company aims to lead the way in developing innovative solutions for ecological challenges, fostering harmony between humanity and nature.

Technical Expertise:

Ecological Dredging Technology: CCCC has pioneered ecological dredging techniques, focusing on the removal and disposal of polluted sediment in lakes and rivers. Their approach combines advanced dredging methods with eco-friendly disposal practices, minimizing environmental impact while restoring water quality.

Integrated Water Management Solutions: The company integrates various water management technologies, including sediment dredging, solidification, and tailwater treatment, into comprehensive solutions for river and lake ecosystems. By addressing multiple environmental challenges simultaneously, CCCC ensures holistic and sustainable management practices.

Resource Utilization: CCCC employs innovative methods for sediment disposal, such as utilizing dredged sediment for wetland construction, ecological parks, and farmland. This approach maximizes the utilization of natural resources while minimizing waste, promoting circular economy principles in ecological management.

Collaborative Research and Development: CCCC collaborates with research institutes and design units to innovate and optimize management models specific to each basin’s ecological characteristics. By leveraging scientific expertise, the company develops customized solutions tailored to local environmental conditions, ensuring effective and sustainable outcomes.

Notable Projects and Achievements:

Taihu Star Integrated Platform Vessel: CCCC introduced the world’s first ecological dredging intelligent integrated platform vessel, “Taihu Star,” equipped with cutting-edge technologies for Taihu Lake management. This vessel comprises environmental dredgers, debris removal ships, and dewatering vessels, offering comprehensive solutions for ecological restoration. As seen, this vessel comprises the environmental dredger “Taihu Junning 1,” the debris removal and adjustment ship “Taihu Star 1,” and the dewatering and volume reduction ship “Taihu Star 2.” It integrates ecological dredging, mud solidification, and tailwater treatment functions, boasting five notable features.

West Lake Ecological Park: CCCC successfully executed the sediment dredging project for Hangzhou West Lake, setting a record for the longest closed pipeline sludge transport in China’s dredging history. The project transformed dredged mud ponds into secondary wetlands, establishing the Jiangyangfan Ecological Park as a model for lake ecosystem restoration. After implementing the Phase II Ecological Dredging Project, CCCC transformed former mud dumping sites into the Gonghu Bay Wetland Park in Wuxi. The park has become a demonstration project for Taihu Lake management, showcasing stable water quality and abundant aquatic plant life.

Jinjiang Basin Water Ecological Management Project: In Chengdu, CCCC led the “Number One Project” for ecological construction, implementing comprehensive basin management initiatives over seven years. The project included environmental dredging, greenway construction, sewage interception networks, and intelligent management, creating iconic park city attractions and enhancing ecological resilience. CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. specializes in ecological dredging projects. Since 2007, it has conducted 16 ecological dredging projects in Taihu Lake, dredging over 9 million cubic meters of polluted sediment and solidifying over 2 million cubic meters of sludge. This accounts for one-fifth of all Taihu Lake dredging since 2007 and has significantly improved water quality.

Taihu Lake Ecological Restoration: CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. has been instrumental in Taihu Lake’s ecological restoration efforts since 2007, executing multiple dredging and solidification projects. By dredging over 9 million cubic meters of polluted sediment and solidifying sludge, CCCC significantly improved Taihu Lake’s water quality, achieving its best level in 16 years by 2023. Notable projects include Dianchi Lake in Yunnan, West Lake in Hangzhou, Taihu Lake in Wuxi, Baiyangdian in Xiong’an New Area, and Yongding River in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, covering a basin area of 135,000 square kilometers and an economic output of over 10 trillion yuan.


Amid the bustling city of Wuxi, nestled in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, a silent revolution was underway beneath the surface of Taihu Lake. For decades, Taihu Lake had borne the brunt of industrialization and urbanization, its once-pristine waters succumbing to pollution and eutrophication. However, hope emerged in the form of CCCC, a beacon of environmental stewardship and technological innovation. In the heart of China’s bustling Yangtze River Delta lies Taihu Lake, a vital freshwater ecosystem facing mounting pressures from rapid urbanization and industrialization. As pollution threatened the lake’s ecological balance, CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. embarked on a mission to restore Taihu Lake’s pristine waters.

With decades of experience and a commitment to innovation, CCCC introduced groundbreaking technologies tailored to Taihu Lake’s unique challenges. The launch of the “Taihu Star” heralded a new era of ecological management, combining state-of-the-art dredging capabilities with eco-friendly sediment disposal methods. As the sun rose over Taihu Lake, the “Taihu Star” set sail, a marvel of engineering designed to combat ecological degradation. Leading the charge was CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd., armed with a vision to rejuvenate Taihu Lake’s fragile ecosystem. With precision and determination, they embarked on a mission to dredge millions of cubic meters of polluted sediment, clearing the waters and restoring balance to the aquatic environment.

Driven by a vision of harmony between humanity and nature, CCCC spearheaded large-scale projects across China, from the historic Hangzhou West Lake to the vibrant streets of Chengdu. Each endeavor showcased the company’s expertise in integrating environmental protection with economic development, transforming polluted water bodies into thriving ecological hubs. From the shimmering shores of West Lake to the bustling streets of Chengdu, CCCC’s legacy echoed through the landscape, a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in shaping a brighter future for China’s rivers, lakes, and basins.

As the sun rose over Taihu Lake, the hum of machinery echoed across its tranquil waters. CCCC’s dedicated teams worked tirelessly, dredging millions of cubic meters of sediment and solidifying sludge, inching closer to the ambitious goal of achieving Grade III water quality by 2030. Meanwhile, in the Gonghu Bay Wetland Park, a testament to CCCC’s holistic approach to restoration, nature flourished once more. Where once stood barren mudflats now thrived a vibrant ecosystem, teeming with life. Clear waters reflected the azure sky, a stark contrast to the murky depths of the past. Visitors marvelled at the transformation, witnessing firsthand the power of environmental restoration.

But CCCC’s impact extended beyond technical achievements. Collaborating with local communities and research institutions, the company fostered a culture of environmental stewardship, inspiring residents to embrace sustainable practices and cherish their natural heritage. However, CCCC’s efforts extended beyond dredging and solidification; they pioneered innovative techniques for sediment disposal, ensuring harmony between land and water. Through meticulous planning and strategic partnerships, they repurposed dredged sediment for wetland construction and agricultural use, minimizing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

In the halls of CCCC’s headquarters, framed by panoramic views of Taihu Lake, executives reflected on their journey a journey fuelled by a shared commitment to ecological harmony and a vision of a world where nature thrives alongside human progress. As the sun set over Taihu Lake, casting a golden hue over its revitalized waters, it bore witness to the resilience of nature and the ingenuity of human endeavour. And amidst this harmonious symphony of life, China Communications Company stood as a beacon of hope, leading the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come



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