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“Stop politics of sectarianism,” Al-hajji Kigongo tells opposition parties.


The 1st National Vice Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), Al Hajji Moses Kigongo has urged members from the opposition political parties to exercise politics of Unity & forgiveness rather than promoting sectarianism among Ugandans.

He’s said this during during today’s Iftar dinner and Duwa prayers that have been organised by Democratic party at their party headquarters on Balintuma road in Rubaga division.

Speaking at the dinner, Kigongo has begun by disclosing his good relationship with the current president general of Democratic party(DP), Hon. Norbert Mao, who he has said, they share a bond that has kept them together for quite good time as leaders from different political affiliation.

“What Hon. Mao has done today is one of the main reasons we went in the liberation war to ensure that we resolve all differences between ourselves as Ugandans for example division by tribe, religion and exercising politics inform of sectarianism” Said Kigongo

It’s upon the above context that he’s called on other opposition political party leaders to borrow a leaf from democratic party leadership and exercise mature politics with zero tolerance of hate speech and sectarianism.

“For us in NRM we love uniting people, people should disorganise us because we were one people, so we should fight one another. We have same blood regardless of one’s religion whether Moslem, Catholic, Protestant or any other religion.” He stated

He has further urged the entire Moslem community countrywide, to emphasise unity and work together to achieve the best for our country Uganda.

“at this particular time we are in lent period. The holy month of Ramadan should be the period for everyone to weigh themselves and forgive those that have wronged them as well as repenting for their sins.” Said Kigongo

He has also called upon  religious communities to make good use of their religions, in that this could help them  overcome most of the challenges they face in their day to day life.

He has however, expressed concerns over people that take advantage of the religion to fulfill their unholy vested interests as individuals, stressing that God will make them pay for their wrong doing.

Meanwhile, the National vice president of democratic party Fred Mukasa Mbidde has also thanked the Moslem community for accepting their invitation to conduct their prayers with the party although it’s nolonger as big as it was in the past.

“the democratic party is nolonger a party with big number of followers as compared to other political parties in the country, but you people accepted to come and pray with us.There is no verse in the Quran suggesting that a battle can only be won by big numbers.” Mbidde said

He’s further disclosed that democratic party has never divided it’s self from Islamic religion not even colours, urging them for their support.









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