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Police calls on Boda Boda riders to introduce a communication network to counter theft of their motor cycles.


Boda Boda riders transporting their customers

The Uganda Police have urged all Boda Boda stage heads across the country to introduce a tracking system for all their riders, to ensure that their movements and whereabouts are easily traced during times of danger.

Police say, last week 8 incidents were registered against boda bodas and riders respectively, which resulted into the murders by hitting of 4 riders, two attempted murders of riders, and two murders of suspected boda boda thieves. During the attacks, 4 motorcycles were robbed and 4 others were rescued.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga said, although boda boda thefts had generally reduced upon the arrest of most of the gang members actively involved in crimes related to the Boda bodas business industry in recent years, the criminals have again resumed with their evil operations against the riders.

Enanga also disclosed that, their teams have determined that most of the incidents occur when the riders are transporting passengers at night and in isolated areas.

It’s upon the above context that Enanga urged the stage managers to start initiating the different communication techniques inform of a network which could help link up the entire stage members for easy tracking incase of any problem while on the roads transporting their customers.

“they should always be aware of their surroundings. Having a situation awareness of who is around who, for instance if am riding somebody from here to Mukono it’s always to network with friends and boda boda stage to find out what’s happening.” The spokesperson revealed

“its common with taxi drivers and buses there is a way they communicate to each other to find out whether there is traffic ahead. These Boda Boda riders they don’t care, they really need to find a way of communicating hence getting to know the situation along the routes.” He added

He additionally advised Boda Boda riders to desist from violating the traffic rules of carrying more than two passengers especially during late hours which he said could end up putting their lives in danger.

“In many cases at night you still see Boda Boda riders risking by carrying 2 to 3 or even 4 passengers. That is very risky for them because they can easily subdue them and rob the motorcycle.” He revealed

He further outlined the challenge of ambushes being inflicted on most of the riders by the criminals gangs, who posess hammers and very sharp instruments something that has claimed many lives of the riders.

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