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“You are under siege that i can’t find a way of supporting you.” Mpuuga tells Kyagulanyi


The embattled commissioner of parliament and Nyendo Mukungwe legislator Hon. Mathias Mpuuga has disclosed how the national unity platform’s party president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu is currently under siege, that he even has no clue on how to help and supporting him overcome the challenge.

Mpuuga’s response comes following his suspension from the position of deputy party president yesterday by NUP’s party president Honourable Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu for allegedly getting involved into actions of corruption and abuse of office while serving as leader of opposition in parliament.

See Hon. Mathias Mpuuga’s response to Robert Kyagulanyi below:-

The President

National Unity Platform (NUP),



I’ve seen a circulating document on social media, purportedly signed by yourself, in the latest fashion by the party.

If indeed it is your document and signature, I appreciate and sympathize with you on the current desperate situation.

I appreciate and understand that you are under siege. I don’t know how to help you and support you.

In view of the contents of the impugned document, that the person suspended failed to supply a satisfactory explanation, yet the same person was earlier on reported to have confessed and apologised, I don’t know how to rescue you and the party from the captors.

The prevailing desperate situation and the circumstances we find ourselves in, will afford me more time and space to consult with the rank and file of the party for a way forward.

Accept once again my sympathies for the unyielding siege that has impaired judgement at the highest echelons of the party.

I remain at your service and that of the party and the country.

Mathias Mpuuga (MP)



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