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Rapper Nicki Minaj arrested at Amsterdam airport over drug issues

American female Rapper Nicki Minaj

American rapper Nicki Minaj has been detained at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, according to local media reports.

Minaj filmed part of her encounter with police, posting it to social media.

In the video, a police officer can seemingly be heard telling Minaj: “You are under arrest.”

A spokesman for Dutch police, Robert van Kapel, told NBC News: “We can confirm that we have arrested a 41-year-old American woman at Schiphol Airport because of possession of soft drugs”, without naming the woman in question.

A statement given to the PA agency by Dutch police confirmed that the woman remained under arrest on Saturday evening.

The music star posted a series of messages on X apparently in relation to the incident.

“They took my luggage without consent,” she wrote in one. In another she added: “This is Amsterdam btw [by the way], where weed is legal,” using a colloquial term for the drug cannabis.

The artist was reportedly preparing to fly to Manchester for a concert at the Co-op Live venue on Saturday evening.

Minaj had originally been scheduled to go on stage at 20:00 BST.

Doors to the concert opened around 30 minutes late on Saturday. With thousands in the venue as of 20:30, it was unclear whether the gig would go ahead as planned.

Some concertgoers were heard chanting: “Free Nicki Minaj!”


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