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Internal Affairs & Defense, launch 61st African liberation day

UPDF spokesperson Brig. Gen Felix Kulayigye

The ministry of defense in collaboration with the ministry of internal affairs and Pan African movements, have today launched the 61st African liberation day that will be commemorated On 25 May 2024, under the theme; “Guaranteeing safe environment for a digital Pan African Education System Creating a Centre of Gravity for the United African States (UAS)”.

Speaking during the launch at Uganda media Centre, the spokesperson of defense Brig. Felix Kulayigye revealed that the day is recognized and celebrated annually by all Pan Africanists across Africa and around the world as the Africa Day, since the founding of the Organization of the African Unity (OAU), today African Union (AU) in 1963.

“The celebration marks each year’s progress in the liberation of Africa and symbolizes the determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from the yoke of foreign domination and exploitation which has a long and glorious history.” Said Kulayigye

He also outlined that they’ve also worked with different African Ambassadors who have arranged with their various countries to come and exhibit the products from their countries, cultures from their countries. “We shall have cultural dances exhibited by different countries in Kololo and ofcourse we shall have speeches at the end of the day. We shall then call it a day after recommitting ourselves to the social economic transformation of the African people.” Said Kulayigye

Meanwhile, the deputy spokesperson of Internal Affairs Ministry Arithea Nakiwala expressed her gratitude on behalf of the ministry for their involvement in this year’s African Liberation Day celebrations. “Ofcourse liberation day celebrations can’t happen without a solidarity match, we shall have it. The participants will be starting with military with 20 officers, followed by police also with a team of 20 officers, prisons with a team of 20 officers too, then Imigrations will follow after with also 20 officers and finally the scouts following behind.” Said Arithea

She further disclosed that the match will commence from the independent monument, coming down through Serena until Centenary park. There after the team shall climb up towards the entrance of Kololo Independence grounds where the event will be marked officially.

African Liberation Day is celebrated to appreciate the achievements of the people of Africa, and to celebrate African unity. It is an opportunity to highlight the cultural and economic potential as well as marking the progress made by the African nations.



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