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Uganda Police Rejects Claims of Involvement in Kenyan Protests

Fred Enanga the Uganda police force spokesperson revealed this at their weekly security presser at the headquarters in Naguru

Kampala, Uganda – The Uganda Police Force have refuted allegations that a fire truck from Uganda was recently deployed to assist Kenyan authorities in quelling the ongoing protests in Kenya.

Social media platforms and bloggers in Kenya had shared images of a Uganda Police fire truck amidst protesters in Nakuru, Kenya, claiming it was evidence of Uganda’s involvement in suppressing the protests.

However, according to Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, the facts gathered indicate that the fire truck belonged to the Masaka CPS fire and rescue department and had been transported to Isuzu’s regional offices in Kenya for repairs. “While being driven back to Uganda on June 21, the truck encountered protests in Nakuru and was surrounded by protesters who falsely claimed it was involved in the protests.” Enanga stated

Enanga also notified that the truck successfully entered Uganda on June 21 and was captured on CCTV cameras at Busitema at 11:49 AM en route to Masaka, adding that as Uganda Police Force they respect the sovereignty of Kenya and their cooperation with Kenyan authorities is based on mutual respect and trust. “We reject the false accusations made by Kenyan bloggers and reaffirm our commitment to maintaining good relations with our neighboring country.” He said


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