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New NPA Board Inaugurated to Drive Uganda’s Development Agenda

Kampala, Uganda – The National Planning Authority (NPA) has inaugurated a new Executive Board to provide strategic leadership and guidance in achieving Uganda’s development goals.

The ceremony was presided over by Hon. Amos Lugoloobi, Minister of State for Finance, Planning, and Economic Development (Planning), who emphasized the need to move swiftly to guide the technical team in developing well-articulated program plans and subsequent regional and local development strategies,” Hon. Lugoloobi emphasized. “Effective planning is crucial in achieving Uganda’s development goals, particularly under the Fourth National Development Plan (NDPIV).”

The new Board, chaired by Prof. Pamela K. Mbabazi, comprises five members with extensive expertise in economic planning and development. Hon. Lugoloobi assigned specific strategic objective themes of NDPIV to the Board members as follows:

– Prof. Pamela K. Mbabazi: Private Sector and Strategic Partnership

– Dr. Ivan Lule: Production, Value Addition, and Institutional Development

– Hon. Mukitale Stephen Mukitale Adyeeri: Infrastructure and Physical Planning

– Prof. Enos Kiremire: Human Capital Development

– Hon. Lydia Wanyoto: Peace, Security, Governance, and Publicity

Prof. Mbabazi pledged the Board’s commitment to fulfilling its mandate, saying, “We are dedicated to delivering on our mandate and look forward to working together with the remarkable NPA staff.”

The ceremony was attended by NPA staff and security officers, who welcomed the new Board with optimism and enthusiasm.


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