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Speaker Anita Among calls for Unity and development among Muslim leaders

During a meeting with leaders of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council from Mbarara District, Speaker of Parliament Anita Among this morning delivered a powerful message urging religious leaders to champion unity within their communities.

She emphasised the importance of standing together as brothers and sisters in faith and condemned divisive forces that threaten to weaken the fabric of the society. “We’ve seen divisions orchestrated by selfish individuals that is costing our people dearly,” she said, urging religious leaders to actively promote the message of unity.

In addition to fostering unity, Among encouraged religious leaders to play a proactive role in shaping the nation’s future by advocating for leaders who prioritize development. She criticized those who habitually oppose government initiatives without considering their potential benefits.

“We’ve witnessed a trend where some leaders [just] oppose government efforts without offering constructive alternatives, which ultimately hinders progress,” Among added, urging religious leaders to support positive change.

Speaker Anita Among engages with the team in the boardroom at Parliament earlier today

The religious leaders who were accompanied by the member of Parliament for Mbarara City South Mwine Mpaka, were led by led by the District Khadith Sheikh Abdallah Mukwaya.

They visited Speaker Among to provide updates on the construction progress of a mosque in the district, for which Among had contributed generously. This gesture underscored Among’s commitment to supporting community development initiatives and fostering collaboration between religious leaders and government authorities.

Speaker Anita having a photo moment with the Muslim team after the meeting.

Speaker Anita Among’s call for unity and development reflects a concerted effort to address pressing societal issues and promote inclusive growth within Uganda’s diverse communities.

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