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“I have been in holiday but i can now assure you that am back to start from where i stopped, says Besigye

The former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Dr Kizza Besigye has told supporters in his home district, Rukungiri in south western Uganda that he was back in action after a long political holiday.

“I have been in a political holiday but I want to assure you my people that I am back in action and I’m starting from where I stopped from,” Dr Besigye said while addressing his supporters at Buyanja town council as he headed to Rukungiri stadium where he addressed masses from Rukungiri and Kanungu districts.

The four-time presidential contender entered Rukungiri District through Kahengye at the border of Ntungamo district at around 1pm Friday before he was received by hundreds of supporters on motorcycles.They accompanied him to Rukungiri main stadium where he consulted party supporters whether to form a new party following misunderstandings with the FDC leadership at Najjanankumbi months ago.

At the stadium, he was received by the party’s district chairperson, Mr Aloysius Mugarura, former Rukungiri municipality MP, Mr Mugume Rolland Kaginda and Rubabo County Member of Parliament Naboth Namanya, among others.

Hundreds of supporters lined up on roads leading to Rukungiri town to catch a glimpse of Dr Besigye. Many waved at him as he flashed the FDC V sign.

According to Dr Besigye, it is high time Ugandans woke up and fought for their freedom or else remain in the hands of “an increasingly corrupt and incompetent government.”

Mr Kaginda said the NRM time was over in Rukungiri before he asked them to start preparing themselves ahead of the 2026 general election.

“We all errored but this time we seen how much we have lost because of mere misunderstandings that developed amongst us in Rukungiri. This time round I want to assure that we are now ready for action and have our country liberated,” Mr Kaginda said.

Mr Mugarura said many of their supporters had told them to form a new party ahead of 2026.”It’s quite disappointing and a shame that we lost our parliamentary seats to the corrupt and incompetent NRM members.

Dr Besigye is our son. This time we promise to work hand in hand and in doing so we shall get rid of these fake NRM MPs ” Mr Aloyious said.

Mr Fred Turyamuhweza, the ex- Rujumbura MP described FDC party as an elephant which the NRM people should fear their entire life.

“We are back in action. I told you that FDC can’t lose power. I have been hearing noise that we are now weak and we don’t have money but here we are. It’s just a matter of time. Just wait we are in the kitchen cooking and very soon we shall serve you,” Mr Turyamuhweza promised.

The party’s national chairperson, Mr Wasswa Birigwa rallied Rukungiri youth to join the revolution to eject Mr Museveni’s government if they want to have a bright future.

“I am now 70-years of age, Dr Besigye is also soon clocking 70 but you have left us in the war zone while you are there seated and watching. Please wake up because this nation belongs to you. Don’t sit and allow Mr Museveni and his family enjoy your nation alone,” Mr Birigwa said.

The party’s vice chairperson for Eastern region, Ms Proscovia Salaam Mussumba told Rukungiri people that the party which they started 20 years ago was sold to Mr Museveni by the party leaders.

“We trusted them with our party but I tell you, they betrayed us by selling it to Mr Museveni. It was very shocking. How can a party which took the lives and resources of many Ugandans be sold by shallow-minded Mr Patrick Oboi and his fellow Mr Nathan Mafaabi. So, we are here to tell you that a new party which we shall name in the near future is the way to go and the only hope for Ugandans,” Ms Musumba said.

According to Buhweju MP, Francis Mwijukye FDC lost the municipality because of lack of cooperation.

“You know what took place in the last elections. You failed to cooperate and in so doing, you lost the municipality parliamentary seat. So this time, you must cooperate and if you can’t then you give us no option apart from looking for another person to replace you,” he said.

Dr Besigye and his FDC-Katonga faction are currently moving around the country consulting supporters on whether to form a new party following rift in the opposition party former over 20 years ago.

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