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Police in Mityana arrests 7 suspects linked to a woman torture video

Wamala region police spokesperson SP Racheal Kawala

The territorial police in Mityana have arrested 7 suspects in connection with aggravated torture video which occurred in Namuzikiza village, Watuba parish in Mityana district on the 28/04/2024 at 0930hrs, involving a female victim.

Responding to the incident, the spokesperson for wamala region police SP Racheal Kawala disclosed that the tortured victim has been identified as Muhirwe Kolodina, a 29-year-old bar attendant and resident of the same area.

According to police the victim had been formerly married to James Lukiiko for 6 years but the couple was unable to have any children together. “The couple separated in January 2024 due to misunderstandings, paving way for the victim to leave behind her gardens and banana plantation where she would usually gather food.

She also notified that on April 28th at about 0800hrs, the victim went to collect some food from the garden located on her ex-husband’s land James Lukiiko, but the ex-husband instructed his son Lwabye Brian to go and report the matter to Mr. Kalanzi James who is the current area defence officer of Namuzikiza village.

“Kalanzi James arrived along with Namusoke Betty, who brought a rope, and allegedly tied the victim’s hands and legs, accusing her of stealing a pig.” Said the Wamala region police spokesperson

Police say, the tragic incident took place in the home of the area Chairperson Mr. Kiwanuka Steven, where a village mob that had gathered lit up a jerrican, and began burning the victim, demanding to know the whereabouts of the said pig.

“After the torture, the victim was dumped in a bush but later rescued by a boda boda cyclist who took her to the police station where she reported the incident under CRB 155/2024.” Said Racheal

Racheal further clarified that the victim was able to record a statement where she was later on taken to Namayumba Health Center IV for medical attention.

She additionally stated, that the suspects who include Kiwanuka George, Lukiiko James, Kezimbira George, Lwabye Brian, Namusoke Betty, among others, are currently held at Mityana Police Station as inquiries into the matter continue. “We remain committed to pursuing every incident of torture and ensuring that the perpetrators are brought to justice.” She further said



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