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We never chased Kyagulanyi from Kitalya, says Baine

Frank Baine the head of communications & public relations at Uganda Prisons service

The leadership of Uganda prisons services has trashed claims by Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu a.k.a bobi wine, that he was blocked from accessing their prison in Kitalya by the officers in charge.

It should be noted that on the 12th April 2023, Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu together with his party members were prevented from visiting their detained supporters at Kitalya Prison, where they have been held for over three years. Officers on duty disclosed to him that it’s only with the commissioner’s order Johnson Byabashaija that he can be allowed into the prison.

While responding to the matter today at their weekly security presser in Naguru, the head of media and public relations at Uganda Prisons service Frank Baine, trashed the allegations of chasing Kyagulanyi from their facility, adding that he was only directed to use the rightful procedures.

“Am here to state that the standing orders clearly explain who should visit and when. We didn’t chase him, but we advised him to follow the right procedure

Baine also noted how Kyagulanyi Sentamu wanted to go and visit the entire group of prisoners at the facility in company of the media, yet he doesn’t qualify to do so under the law hence the officers on duty denying him entrance.

“the O.C was able to check and see whether Kyagulanyi qualifies to meet a big group of prisoners, but ofcourse he never qualified hence advising him on other means.” Said Baine

According to Baine, the only leaders cleared to make a special visit to prisons without announcement or permission include; visiting justices, those appointed by the minister, ex official visiting justices, chairperson, members of Uganda human rights Commission, judges of the high court, court of appeal, supreme Court, Minister for internal affairs, Minister for justice, cabinet ministers, chief magistrates, resident magistrates,chief administrative officers, PS Internal affairs and the Inspector general of government.

He however noted, that if any person who is not on the above category insists on visiting the facility, the law states that officers in charge will be informed by the commissioner general a day later, when such a visit could be authorised.

“The commissioner general’s authorisation of visits other than visit refered to in the above will set out the conditions partaining each visit.” He stated

He added and said, officers in charge upon receiving such requests from unauthorised persons, must first inform the applicant that he or she is forbidden expressly by the prison’s standing order.

He further disclosed that the officers must also advise the applicant to apply in writing to the commissioner general of prisons indicating the reason, time and date he or she wishes the make visit, where the commissioner may make the authorisation.





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