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1 Suspect apprehended for strangling wife to death

The territorial Police in Kapelebyong district are holding a one Ojumo Richard in their custody for allegedly strangling her wife to death.

According to the police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the suspect had been previously having issues of domestic violence with the deceased wife over allegations of infidelity where he claimed that the wife was cheating on him and having extra marital affairs.

“This is a man who went ahead and strangled the wife to death and then dumped the body in the neighbourhood.” Enanga disclosed

Enanga also disclosed that the suspect’s wife was pregnant and she was closer to her official delivery date. Police say the unborn baby also lost its life under the same tragic incident inflicted on the mother.

In the same vain, Enanga also disclosed that their police in Mayuge district have opened up a serious man hunt for a one Kiguddu alias Mobutu on allegations of murdering her wife Nayikoba Alizat aged 45.

Enanga said, the suspect used advantage of the heavy rain and entered the house from where he opened up a fight with his wife, hence inflicting multiple cuts to her head using a panga. “The painful part of it is that their children were witnessing the incident, they tried to raise an alarm to alert the neighbours in the vicinity where we managed to identify the suspect.” He said

He however noted that, the suspect is currently on the run but they’ve already put up a serious man hunt for him, hence urging the community to help them in arresting this suspect.



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