Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Victoria University pays tribute to former Chancellor, late Dr. Martin Jerome Okec Aliker.

The Chancellor of Victoria University Kampala, Professor Opuda Asibo John has labeled late Dr. Martin Jerome Okec Aliker as a selfless national hero who served his country with due diligence. He revealed this today at a function that was organised by the University to eulogise the life of their former Chancellor Dr. Martin Jerome Okec Aliker who passed away on the 15 April 2024.

Dr. Martin Jerome Okec Aliker was a Ugandan dental surgeon, businessman, and community leader, who also served as a senior adviser to the President of Uganda. He also served as the chancellor of Victoria University Uganda from 2013 to 2019.

Speaking at the event aimed at remembering the fallen hero, the chancellor of Victoria University Professor Opuda noted how the deceased empharsized patience throughout his entire life, hence urging Victoria University students to emulate the same character.

“May I request you, the Victoria University community especially the students to learn to be perseverance, to be patient and to be able to grow like he did.” Said University Chancellor

He also called on the students to adopt the late’s character of being independent where he encouraged them to learn the virtues of independent

“you don’t have to depend on your parents from now on, you must learn to work hard to get money, you must live your life and you must be like Dr. Aliker who lived an independent life.” He stated

He further disclosed how Dr. Aliker lived a very humble life as a businessman, a communicator as well as a good gentleman

“those of you who might have known him, you cannot hear of irrelevant stories about Dr. Aliker because he did things very carefully, he invested very wisely and led Victoria University very well.” Said professor Opuda

Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University Dr. Lawrence Muganga dubbed the late as a servant who dedicated his entire life to serving selflessly the nation, particularly Victoria University.

“when you hear a saying that some people are standing on the shoulders of giants to be able to achieve what they are achieving, Dr. Aliker is one of the giants whose shoulders we’re standing on today.” Said Dr. Muganga

“We grieve with the entire nation, entire family, we know that he touched everyone. He is a man who served on different boards of different companies that you can’t even count.” Muganga added

He additionally disclosed that inregards to professionalism, it’s there for everyone to see from the 1950s until todate which is a remarkable milestone.

Dr Stephen Isabalija a former vice chancellor of Victoria University also dubbed the fallen hero as an person who was an industrialist as well as Academician.

“in academics he emphasised something that fortunately is not here. He said professors aren’t given alot of money, but they are very proud people who survive on academic freedom.” Dr. Stephen said

He further, stated how professor Dr. Aliker challenged them as a University, that we cannot set it up without having a playground in place.





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