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Capt. Mike Mukula officiates signing of 2 MOUs between Bbaale sugar works LTD & H.H Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi of UAE

Bbaale Sugar Works chairperson John Magney (Left) shakes hands with Representative from UAE, Hon. Dr Marcin Lapa (Right) as Mukula (Central) looks on

Bbaale sugar works limited located in Kayunga district, has today signed a memorandum of understanding with His Royal highness Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi a member of the ruling family in United Arab Emirates.

The memorable agreement happened in Bugolobi at Captain Mike Mukula’s Residence, where the Royal highness of the UAE was represented by his Senior advisor Hon. Dr Marcin Lapa who also doubles as the president of the advisory board, whereas Bbaale Sugar Works was represented by John Magney, the chairperson of the organisation.

The agreement focuses on development of the region and country at large, changing the social economic lives of Ugandans through creating employment among other important aspects like building a new plant that shall provide green energy, according to Capt Mike Mukula.

Speaking at the much anticipated MOU, Capt. Mike Mukula revealed that their agreement shall mainly focus on a number of issues with sugar factory being at the central stage where they will be producing  both white  and brown sugar for the country and entire region as well.

“It’s only Uganda in the whole of East and Central Africa where white sugar is being produced currently specifically from Kinyara and they produce approximately 30,000 metric tones of industrial sugar annually, and it’s not enough for the market.” Capt. Mukula noted

He said the Mou will build a plant which will be the first indigenous in the country, that also covers white and brown sugar to a certain extent. The achievement shall be the product which is needed as industrial sugar that adds on that of Kinyara sugar works that is already producing, and to supply the region that is in need of the product.

He added and said, the Industrial sugar is used for the beverage sector like the crown bottlers for example coca cola, riham industries and many others including the brewery, stating that it’s on high demand in both East and Central Africa namely Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and DRC.

“Uganda now has a surplus of sugar. There is what we call secondary products which comes in to support the primary, and that’s power. What we want to bring to you is that power is an essential ingredient for growth of a country and without adequate power industrialization isn’t possible.” He said

He also notified that, inorder to maintain the growth of the country there is a need to ensure that enough power supply is generated noting that power is amongst the key factors they will be focusing on as well. “We intend to generate approximately 12 mega watts where 9 will be given to the National breed and in addition to that there will be solar which is an energy mix and will start with 21 mega watts making a total of 30.” Said Mukula

“Therefore, we intend to work together with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to implement the power purchase agreement.” Mukula added

In addition, Captain stated that in the bid to reduce on the cutting of trees for firewood and charcoal by ordinary citizens, they will produce spirit which will generate energy capacity for the ordinary people hence promoting environmental friendly energy.

Meanwhile, the Senior advisor to the office of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi, Hon. Dr Marcin Lapa also disclosed that they are extremely happy to be making their entry into Ugandan market with such strong partnership.

“As the office we see upcoming opportunities. Although this is the first time to the country, what really surprised me is the speed of change. It’s really rarely globally to prepare such a trip in 2 or 3 months time walking on both to both ends and signing not only one but two MOUs.” Said

He also expressed his gratitude towards Uganda for the award they scoped for the strongest partner with the United Arab Emirates recently

“Its out main destination for the future investment and we can see that Uganda also is a gateway for the market in the region. This MOU plays a key role in His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi office strategy and once again I would like to thank you Hon. Chairman and team of Mukula group for supporting us in being very first in preparation and paper work and congratulations to you as we look for a great cooperation from you.” Said

The chairperson of Bbaale Sugar Works Mr. John Magney, expressed his joy towards the remarkable MOU that was signed between the two parties “This is the beginning of our investment in Kayunga and with it we will not only grow the sugar business but in ethanol and power including supplying to the local market and to the region.” Magney said

He noted that there is alot of potential growth in the agreement forexample in the ability to be able to generate power not only for their processing plant but also putting in to the national grid.

At same juncture, Mukula group of companies headed by it’s chief executive officer Captain Mike Mukula also signed an agreement with His Royal highness Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi which will be mainly focusing on fostering trade in East African region especially the Democratic Republic of Congo.








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